Sierra Mindfulness offers weekend retreats to help you relax and unwind while providing opportunities for developing or sharpening your mindfulness skills.

Renew yourself in the quiet beauty of the serene environment.
Connect with others, spending time together in a relaxed setting.
Restore your energy through movement and mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the relaxed, non-clinging, non-aversive awareness of present experience – is a skill that, like any other skill, requires practice.

Come to cultivate concentration, loving-kindness and compassion in the quiet company of others.

Set time aside with no diversions and experience life with more clarity and gentleness. See it as simply a chance to view things in an uncomplicated way.

You are invited to a weekend of contemplation and stillness. Time for formal practice in mindfulness as well as opportunities for personal reflection will be offered.
This retreat is open to those new to mindfulness and those who already have an established mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Retreat

COST: $495 Single /
$375 Double

I highly recommend attending classes/retreats led by Michelle. She leads from a place of mindful compassion for each person in attendance and creates a safe environment. Each person has permission to be uniquely individual while still participating in group activities. Michelle is a gifted and talented Mindfullness instructor. She is insightful, respectful, compassionate and gentle in spirit. I have attended several of her retreats and found them to be enlightening and refreshing. I leave feeling peacefully reconnected to myself and the world around me.

~Terri Van Bibber

2021 Schedule


Nevada City
Harmony Ridge Lodge - 18883 State Hwy 20, Nevada City, CA 95959
  • Date
    TBD, 2021
  • Time
    6:30pm on Friday evening through early afternoon on Sunday
  • Cost & Accommodations

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